A predictable, all-inclusive, flat monthly bill. No more surprise fees, hidden costs, or out of scope fees. We will monitor your business’s technology 24x7x365 from right here in the US giving you peace of mind.

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Protect your business by implementing a business continuity strategy that puts the necessary technology in place to reduce downtime in the event a disaster strikes. We’ve accomplished a 99% uptime ensuring your business remains online, not offline.

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Evolve your business with state of the art hosted VoIP solutions by Cytracom. Our VoIP services is cloud-based, making installation quick, have seamless integration for multiple locations, and loaded with key features to connect your employees to your clients.

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Maximize your company’s efficiency with on-demand access to your critical data. Gain the power to drive your business forward on any device, whether you’re on the road or in the office.

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Your business is 58% more likely to experience a data breach. The survival of your business depends on reliable and constant monitoring of your technology. Our cyber security stack is equipped with AI and machine learning to thwart digital attacks before they happen.

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KEBE Technology Solutions


If you run a small business and want enhanced functionality, then let us equip you with the world’s most powerful set of tools by none other than Microsoft. Windows 10, Office 365 and Azure assure you work smarter and faster, have second-by-second protection of your business, while saving you time and resources.


One of the biggest differentiators between us and the competition is that we monitor your technology 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. The best part is that it is all US based support from out of our NOC center in Plano, TX. We have a dedicated team monitoring your technology’s every move. We want you to take your time back so that you can focus more on your business and less time on IT.


HIPPA compliance and security go hand-in-hand to protect sensitive healthcare information for providers and their patients. $1.5M dollars is the average fine for not being HIPAA compliant. We can ensure that you keep that in your pocket.


Here at KEBE Technology Solutions, we believe in providing you the very best technology support. However, we also feel that we have a responsibility to educate. IT can be complicated and we understand that. It’s important for us to stay up to date with the latest in technology, but we also want you to be aware of what’s currently making headlines in the digital world.


KEBE Allows Us to Easily Grow!

KEBE offers a wide range of services and capabilities. Our IT needs change as we grow and KEBE is able to offer products and services that meet our new and evolving IT challenges. KEBE has years of experience and many resources to ensure they can support any IT challenge. And, their response time is unequalled!

John Rosch General Manager
Prime Components

Fast Response Combined with Great Service!

KEBE truly cares about their clients and at the same time offers quick responses and solutions to IT issues. If you are on the fence just do it – you won’t regret it!

Joel Ibeling Controller
United Brick and Fireplace

Quick Resolution of Problems!

When problems arise, KEBE’s quick response time ensures that we have help when we need it the most. Not only did they respond quickly, but they were also able to resolve our problems quickly too! Their fair pricing and fast response time will ensure we continue to use KEBE for all our IT needs.

Ann Smith President/CEO
Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce

Smart, Personable, Affordable, Reliable, Dependable, and Trustworthy!

What more can we say about Ken and the team at KEBE Technology Solutions? Having KEBE to turn to enables us to position our business for continued growth while at the same time ensuring that our immediate needs are being met. We have had a great experience with KEBE and we're sure your business will too!

Abigail Barnes CEO
Allergy Amulet

Effortless Transition!

My wife and I own First Choice Insurance Solutions in Sun Prairie, WI. We recently just moved our offices and we hired KEBE to do all our computer/phone networking. They made the transition effortless. With so many details that we had to figure out on other things, KEBE took this item off our plate and took care of all details. We recommend KEBE Technology Solutions to everyone.

Bret LaBuwi Founder/Owner
First Choice Insurance (FCIS)